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Hello, my name is Jess Leney Tillett. I am a born and bred Bristolian and have a keen love for fashion and all things well designed and made. I am 18 years old and about to begin a foundation course in september 2014. This will lead to studying fashion at university (preferably St Martins in London). I want to end up in the inspiring city of London, this is the dream anyway. I am aiming high for some of the universities here to study my desired subject of fashion. ¬†Fingers crossed it’ll all work out.

I have a passion for making, drawing, customising and buying clothes- as you’ll soon see on my blog. With this blog, I offer you my opinions and thoughts, my outfit choices and effective little tricks to give your outfits that little bit of originality as well as customising techniques and tutorials on how to create garments/accessories. Read it, share it, learn from ¬†it, and offer any of your opinions you have on my choices.

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