Let the blogging begin

Everyone says that the first post a blogger will upload is terribly important, because it sets the tone for the blog, not just for the readers, but for the writers as well. For this reason I am under a lot of pressure to meet the standard set by the blogging world! I first want to begin with saying a bit about who I am, My name is Jess, I am a student living in Bristol studying fashion but also loving the subject as a hobby in my spare time. Most of my money will end up going on ‘that top that I just must have’ or ‘those shoes that I couldn’t live without’ but hey, my feet look so pretty in those shoes now! I am writing this blog in the hope of inspiring readers conscious fashion decisions and offering you all helpful tips and tutorials maybe sometimes even recipes that everyone can give a go. 

You can get involved by leaving comments on any of my posts. I encourage and would appreciate any feedback and comments you have on my thoughts and ideas within my posts! If you want to get in contact with me, just go to my contact page and you can email me with any questions. I will get back to you as quickly as possible. Most importantly, enjoy your read.

Jess Leney Tillett

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